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The Wagon Laager

Here are some photographs of my wagon laager set up for the Adrianople game.


It is possible that out on the steppes the Goths and Huns may have formed their wagons into a defensive circle.  The hilly terrain at Adrianople would have made this both impossible and unnecessary. The approaches to the Gothic camp were quite easily defended with rough terrain and several deep cuts leading down to the camp area. It is far more likely that family groupings formed several smaller 'circles' of wagons close to the water sources and other wagons, along with other appropriate material would have been used as barricades to seal off vulnerable approaches.

left right2 full view

The top photo shows my 15mm laager set up for the Adrianople game. There are wagons, carts, logs, plashing, baggage and barrels all mixed together. I even took a flat bed wagon and tipped it on end, using some solid wheels as additional barricades. I picked up the bits and pieces from a variety of manufacturers but if I remember correctly Irregular and Essex predominate. The models are mounted on semi-circular segments, the bases being cut from the card that came underneath a pizza!

A close up of the left hand segment

A close up of the right hand segment. OK the figures defending it are not Goths they are Dacians. They are what I used to represent some of the armed rabble defending the barricade for the game. Lets assume they are various 'volunteers' who joined up from what used to be Dacia!

RCD Regimental Leaguer Bavaria 1978

The principle of a defensive laager has stood the test of time. Here is a photo of my old regiment - The Royal Canadian Dragoon's formed in a laager in West Germany 1979.

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