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The Tree of Battles

The Tree of Battles is designed to re-create, with miniature figures, the battles of the 14th-15th centuries in Western Europe. This fascinating period covers the demise of the aristocratic knight as the arbiter of battle at the hands of common men armed with spears, pikes, longbows and guns. The Tree of Battles has have been adapted from Comitatus, my Dark Age wargames rules and uses many of the same mechanisms.


I have taken care to ensure that these rules work particularly well for the Hundred Years War and Wars of the Roses. However they can also be used for other actions and theatres including the Scottish, Italian, Burgundian and Swiss wars right through to the end of the 15th century. With little modification they could also be used for representing some earlier conflicts.

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This Weak Piping Time of Peace

Simple rules for a Wars of the Roses Game with 54mm toy soldiers

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