Legio Wargames

Bases - Flocking

When the wash has dried I dry brush the raised areas using a very light sand over the earth bits and yellow mixed with a tiny bit of green on the green areas

Now it is time for the flock. I do this with dabs of white glue thinned with water. I find the final effect is often better if you use more than one flock colour. I deliberately do not attempt to cover the whole base

As these are north European troops I am using a mix of green flocking. Applying first a dark green by sprinkling it over the base and shaking off any excess. I then apply the second flock in the same way. In this case I am using a much lighter static grass in even smaller clumps than the previous covering.  



base 7a

The finished unit based and ready for battle!

base 5 lr base 7 lr base 6_edited-1