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Dorylaeum, 1 July, AD 1097

Historical Background

In July 1097, the Crusaders were on their way through Asia Minor to Antioch when their vanguard of Italo-Normans and Byzantines was hit by the Turkish army of Sultan Arslan as it was setting up camp,The Turks were  unaware that two more columns of Crusaders were nearby and launched their full attack against the Vanguard commanded by Count Bohemond. Bohemond dismounted his knights and held his ground, sending a message for help to the main column which was commanded by his rival Raymond de Saint Gilles. The Turks were hard pressed to deal with the reinforcements and when a third column under Bishop Adhemar du Puy arrived in their rear they broke contact and left the way open to Antioch.

persians 130

25mm Italo-Norman Knights on their way to the Holy City

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