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Daras AD 530

The young East Roman General Belisarius in his first major command was sent to defend the city of Daras from the Persians. His army of 25,000 men was demoralised as a result of a string of defeats against the Persians and they had come to view a Persian victory as inevitable. Belisarius dug a trench in front of the city to protect his unreliable infantry and deployed his cavalry on the two wings. A group of 300 Heruls  were concealed on a hill slope on the Roman left, ready to charge down on the flank of the Persians.


After two days of inconclusive skirmishing, the Persian army of 40,000 launched an attack on the Roman left. The Persians adopted a deep formation and attacked in two lines so as to keep up a constant rotation of fresh troops. The Persians got the best of the missile exchange and when arrows were exhausted they attacked. They initially drove the Roman cavalry back but were hit in the rear by the Heruls and from the front by the Huns in Roman service. This turned victory into defeat as the Romans surrounded the pursuing Persians killing large numbers of them and causing panic in the rest of the Persian army.


This scenario - designed for Comitatus rules, recreates the Persian main attack against the Roman left wing. It is virtually an all-cavalry action in which the object is for the Persians to thoroughly defeat the Roman left, ideally without having to commit the reserves.

East Roman cav

This scenario is designed for use with Comitatus wargames rules.


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Roman Heavy Horse Archers from my collection.

The figures are a mix of 15mm Donningtion and Minifigs.

Troops like these were the mainstay of the East Roman army in the 6th C.