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Comitatus is a complete set of wargames rules designed to simulate warfare in Europe and the Mediterranean from about AD 250 to 1100. They have been primarily designed with Barbarian Migrations period in mind but the scope of the rules covers Dark Age warfare through to the period of the First Crusade.


Comitatus is a fast moving game that is relatively easy to master. Full-scale battles representing tens of thousands of troops on each side can easily be fought to a conclusion in 3-4 hours while still retaining the special characteristics of dark age warfare.

Comitiatus cover

You get a tried and tested set of rules whose ground-breaking antecedents go back to the first edition published back in 1990. They have since been updated and extended to cover the period from the late Roman Empire through to the First Crusade and ‘El Cid’.


Unlike many ‘Dark Age’ rules Comitatus is designed for full scale battles not skirmishes. Adrianople, Hastings, Manzikert, and Dorylaeum  can all be easily re-created on the table-top.


The original rules pioneered the idea of element-based figures and the base sizes conform to those most commonly used elsewhere. The rules can be easily adapted to accommodate any multiple-basing systems.


There are 70 pages, all in full colour with nearly 100 photographs, diagrams and examples of play. Everything is clearly written, professionally laid out and designed to inspire. There is also a separate quick reference sheet and more can be downloaded here.



What do you get?...

What are people saying?...

“It's clearly and beautifully illustrated with a mix of diagrams, examples and tabletop action. The games I had with the original set were fun, fast and plausible. It's not just for aficionados of the period but good for newcomers too! It's an excellent set of battle rules with a proven system by a respected and knowledgeable author.”


“Received within 48 hours of ordering. I am a happy customer.”


“It's worth it for the cover art alone! Thank you for your years of accessible scholarship on a fascinating period of history and congratulations on the publication of Comitatus.”


"Just saw a friend's copy of Comitatus today and Simon has done a great job with his rules. Looks very, very, good. I will certainly be ordering a copy."


"Simon (the designer) started his design approach by considering how ancient battles were described by the ancients, rather than worrying initially about weapons, ranges, and the usual minutiae of Ancients rulesets. It will be interesting to see how the wargaming community judges the results.

One of the interesting features of the design is the emphasis on leaders, which usually come "embedded" in a comitatus (bodyguard) unit (which, for a major leader, can consist of multiple elements). Leaders can inspire, rally, direct fire, and motivate troops; and can challenge other leaders or seek them out in melee. There are even rules for how the comitatus behaves when its leader is slain.

There are a lot of innovative concepts here."


"The design, layout and general presentation is as good and as professional as the best wargaming output I've ever seen and better than most. I think it is clearly and sensibly laid out and the text and examples are clear."


"First impressions are fabulous pictures and artwork, well laid out and a rule set I think I could actually get to grips with for a decent game or two."


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Also available from Caliver Books and Strategia Nova