Legio Wargames

Clontarf AD 1014

By 1014 the redoubtable warlord Brian Boru claimed the position of ‘High King of all Ireland’. He seems to have been planning to bring his realm into line with a more centralised European model. Unfortunately for him he’d only just got started on this when the Leinstermen revolted against his rule in league with the Hiberno-Norse of Dublin. The latter drew in opportunistic ‘allies’ in the form of Sigurd of Orkney and Brodir of Man, who turned up ‘uninvited’ with large retinues of Vikings and a high kingship agenda of their own.


Brian for his part called up his Irish followers, mostly from the west and south-west, but also a large force of Hiberno-Norse from the cities of Limerick and Waterford. He had coerced support from the King of Meath, a subjugated rival for the high kingship. The latter held his force in position during the battle until its outcome was decided, and only joined in the final slaughter.


This scenario, although designed for Comitatus rules, can easily be adapted for other rule systems and it would make a particularly good Shieldwall game.