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By smacdowall, Jun 15 2020 08:50PM

This is my favourite Oscar Wilde quote. It is also the most applicable to me.

I made a solemn vow to myself to use the opportunity of the lockdown to chip away at the lead mountain and not buy any new miniatures. I have really enjoyed painting my many medieval figures over the last couple of months and so far my resolve has been holding.

I have completed my Wars of the Roses collection.

Now that the Black Prince’s contingent is nearly complete...

... all I need is a few more French knights and I can refight Crécy and other engagements of the early Hundred Years War.

Then along comes temptation!

For some months I have been admiring the pics of !898 miniatures Spanish Tercios.

They look like just what I need to build up my Spanish to fight Rocroi and the Franco/Spanish engagements of the 1640’s.

With the arrival of Corvid19 in March when Spain was particularly badly hit, I thought I should order a Tercio immediately — just incase. So I did.

In an uncharacteristic demonstration of self-discipline I left the package unopened for three months, knowing that if I did I would likely be tempted away from my Wars of the Roses and Crécy projects.

Until today!

I have opened the box and peered at the contents — they seem to be beautifully proportioned characterful figures.. Although I dearly want to start painting them, I am doing my best to resist the temptation by not opening the sachets.

I must finish one project before moving to the next.

Or is Oscar Wilde correct?

By smacdowall, May 12 2020 11:24AM

William, Lord Hastings held the Yorkist left at Barnet and the right at Tewksbury. He and his men have justl left my painting table, ready for battle after this lockdown ends.

Here is the man himself together with his retinue of men at arms

And here is his full contingent with archers our in front

The miniatures are all Perry 28mm -- a mix of plastics and metals.

By smacdowall, Apr 28 2020 03:14PM

When I started building Wars of the Roses armies I set my sights on the middle period with the intent of fielding the major contingents present at the Battle of Barnet (1471)

With my Bosworth collection now complete I have gone back to filling in the blanks of my Barnet armies.

This is John Neville, Marquis of Montagu and his retinue. Montagu commanded the Lancastrian centre at Barnet, where he met his death. I thought I would give blackened armour to some of the men at arms. They are supported by archers in Mongtagu’s sable and gules (black and red) livery colours.

The rear-view. I am particularly pleased with the griffon badge on the standard and livery coat. I also decided to give several of the men at arms helmets painted in Montagu’s sable and gules livery colours.

By smacdowall, Apr 21 2020 05:27PM

If its been good for anything, this virus has given me plenty of time to paint. I have now finished all the remaining contingents I need for Bosworth. A few pics follow:

These are King Richard's retainers. The billmen with the royal banner replacing one I did earlier for Richard as Duke of Gloucester.

Next up are French Halbardiers for Henry Tudor's army

The idea is for them to back up my previously painted pikemen in a Swiss trained mixed pike and halbard unit.

Below is a small contingent for Sir John Savage which held Tudor's right flank.

Savage's men were noted for wearing white hoods

And finally Gilbert Talbot's contingent for Tudor's left flank

Without a doubt this has been the most productive painting time I have ever had.

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