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By smacdowall, Sep 2 2020 04:23PM

Having paused my Wars of the Roses painting for the Hundred Years War, along comes Wargames Illustrated issue 393.

Not only does it have a couple of Wars of the Roses articles by yours truly but, more importantly, a free set of rules by Andy Callan. I have always admired Andy's rules, borrowing from them shamelessly in my own.

Designed for small battles, Never Mind the Billhooks looks like a fun, playable set of rules which captures the flavour of the Wars of the Roses.

I cant wait to give them a go but my problem is that I am running a Hundred Years War game (Crécy) in a couple of days and I have already begun to set up the battlefield.

In his introduction to Never Mind the Billhooks, Andy says there is no reason they could not be modified for the Hundred Years War. So I have started to look at what modifications will be necessary and I will give it a go.

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