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By smacdowall, Apr 28 2020 03:14PM

When I started building Wars of the Roses armies I set my sights on the middle period with the intent of fielding the major contingents present at the Battle of Barnet (1471)

With my Bosworth collection now complete I have gone back to filling in the blanks of my Barnet armies.

This is John Neville, Marquis of Montagu and his retinue. Montagu commanded the Lancastrian centre at Barnet, where he met his death. I thought I would give blackened armour to some of the men at arms. They are supported by archers in Mongtagu’s sable and gules (black and red) livery colours.

The rear-view. I am particularly pleased with the griffon badge on the standard and livery coat. I also decided to give several of the men at arms helmets painted in Montagu’s sable and gules livery colours.

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