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By smacdowall, Mar 9 2018 06:53PM

For an upcoming refight of the Battle of Oudenarde I intend to field half of the 175 battalions and 320 squadrons in 15mm. Each battalion will be 3-4 bases with 4 foot miniatures per base. A squadron will be represented by single base of two mounted figures.

I have most of the French but need a few more to bring up the numbers. I decided to take this opportunity to paint up a few more foreign battalions to reinforce King Louis XIV's armies of the early 1700s.

Regiment Royal Italien
Regiment Royal Italien

First up is the Royal Italien. Brown coats had been relatively common in the French army of the 1600s but by 1708 they had been replaced by the more familiar white-grey. This regiment, recruited from Italy, kept their brown coats with red facings throughout the war or Spanish Succession. At Oudenarde they fought in the first line brigaded with 4 French battalions.

Regiment de la Marck
Regiment de la Marck

The German Regiment de la Marck is next. The Comte de la March (Graf von der Mark) commanded a French brigade at Oudenarde including two battalions of his regiment. Like all German regiments serving in the French army, de la Marck wore blue coats, most probably a relatively light shade. In their case with yellow cuffs.

Regiment Dorrington
Regiment Dorrington

Finally we have the Irish Regiment Dorrington. As far as I can tell, Regiment Dorrington did not fight at Oudenarde although some Irish did. I already had a brigade of 3 battalions of Irish and wanted to bring it up to 4 battalions. As Dorrington (later Roth) fought in many engagements of the war I decided to include them. All Irish regiments wore red coats. Dorrington had blue cuffs and waistcoats and their flag was a very English-looking St George's cross.

By smacdowall, May 1 2013 12:18PM

I have finally finished painting this rather wonderful Relic figure of Pyrrhus. He comes as a multi-part model with separate reins and plume, as well as other bits. I decided to give him a Corvus Companion as a bodyguard mounted on a Gripping Beast horse.

Pyrrhus was known for his love of finery so I gave him lots of red, gold and purple while keeping the bodyguard in a plain style for contrast. Although a lancer, I decided to give the bodyguard an embossed bronze shield. There is some (flimsy) evidence that later Hellenistic Xystophoroi may have carried shields and even if this was rare, the great man’s shieldbearer might well be expected to carry one!

And at the same time I have also finished some Italian cavalry that could serve in either a Roman, Pyrrhic or Carthaginian army.

This unit is mostly Gripping Beast with the officer and standard bearer being Crusader. They are all on Gripping beast horses which for these figures are quite small and rather ungainly - which is probably realistic.

This unit is made up of Crusader figures with the exception of the one on the far left (facing with 'Mercury winged helmet) who is from Relic. The Crusader figures come with separate heads which is something I always like. But I have to say that I think the Relic figures are that little bit better. They are all riding Relic horses as the Crusader horses are gigantic and simply do not fit with my other cavalry.

And here they are all together

By smacdowall, Feb 21 2013 07:48PM

I have been slowly making my way through my older 25mm Ancients figures fixing them up and bringing them up to my current standard. This has been giving me a great deal of satisfaction as I see old favourites emerge in a new light. Some only require a bit of touching up usually to the skin and armour as well as straightening out bent spears or replacing them with wire ones.

This is one of those units. 25mm Minifig Greek light cavalry serving as Tarrantines. I first painted them back in the '80s and I was particularly proud of the pegasus design on the shields (and still am). Just a bit of touching up here and new basing material.

This unit of Samnites, on the other hand, needed some pretty major surgery. At the time I first painted the unit there were very few usuable Italian figures available and so I had done quite a few conversions. The result was less than ideal so I replaced many of the old heads and a few of the original figures to come up with this new unit. It is quite a mix of old and new including Ral Partha, RAFM, Crusader and Foundry, as well as various miscelaneous bits from my spares box.

Now both these units are ready to reinfoce Pyrrhus or even the Romans.

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