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By smacdowall, Nov 22 2020 01:20PM

Eschewing the feathers, frills and fripperies of the French Musketeers, I have painted these German arquebusiers in plain sensible clothing, suitable (I hope) for veterans serving in the Spanish army at Rocroi.

Most of the figures are Avanpost — a new Russian manufacturer that makes incredibly detailed and beautifully proportioned resin miniatures. The multi-part rider has separate arms and weapons. His left hand actually clips into the reins on the horse so he actually holds the reins without any gap.

The horses are cast with indentations where the rider’s legs go making a perfect fit of rider and horse — again with no gaps.

Man, horse and bits come in a zip-lock bag.

Man, horse and bits come in a zip-lock bag. The bits (horse’s tail, weapons and arms in this case) are, Russian doll-like, in a smaller bag inside the larger one. So easy to keep track of things and avoid losing or mixing up components. All the pieces fit together well, glued with super glue.

They mix well with other true 28 mil that are relatively finely proportioned. Here they are with Warlord plastics and a Perry figure (on TAG horses). I used the TAG horses because I needed static poses to go with the Avanpost and the Warlord horses are all in fairly active poses.

The super fine detail, crisp casting and perfect proportions make Avanpost some of the best 28 mil figures I have ever seen. The only downside is that the poses are (with one or two notable exceptions) quite static.

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