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By smacdowall, Aug 15 2016 04:49PM

Back in July I went to Toledo in search of the Goths and to finish off my draft of my next book for Pen and Sword.

Although Toledo was the Visigothic Capital they did not leave much of an architectural legacy. A few interesting items are gathered together in the Museum of Visigothic culture and there are a few traces of them in some of the older churches.

Just a short train journey from Madrid, Toledo is a wonderfully atmospheric medieval city and well worth a visit.

The alcazar, or citadel has been transformed into a military museum telling Spain’s military history from the Celtiberians and Romans through to modern Afghanistan.

Part of the museum is dedicated to telling the story of ‘toy soldiers’ from the original German flats through to modern miniatures. There are some wonderful dioramas and collections and I quite happily spent a few hours admiring them and thinking about my next projects.

A new Spanish Tercio is almost certain to be one of these.

Aug 16 2016 11:52AM by Ross Macfarlane

Looks like a good place to spend some time. If I could just convince Kathy to move our bedroom downstairs I could have room to work on some nice displays as well as a big table........

Aug 17 2016 02:25PM by smacdowall

No that sounds like a good idea!

Aug 19 2016 09:01PM by Ken Takacs Jr

It looks like a fascinating museum. That reminds me of being by the island of Martana in Lake Bolsena, Italy where Amalasuntha "Queen of the Ostrogoths" was presumably murdered. That murder allegedly resulted in Justinian's invasion of Italy.

Aug 21 2016 11:30AM by Tim O' Connor

HI Simon
looks like you had a great visit to Spain and the museum looks very interesting. I hope that your visit leads to a Spainish army in the low country fighting the Dutch and English
Best wishes

Aug 22 2016 11:50AM by smacdowall

Amalasuntha was an interesting lady

Aug 22 2016 11:50AM by smacdowall

It is already being built

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