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The work of Sisyphus

By smacdowall, Nov 3 2020 05:10PM

Having made great inroads into my medieval lead mountain, I am now tackling the even larger Thirty Years War one.

There is, however, a problem.

I have some of this and a few of that but try as I might I cannot find exactly the right matching miniatures for the units I wish to build.

This is compounded by the fact that a friend has alerted me to some excellent new European manufacturers of Thirty Years War figures; namely 1898, Tercio, Avanpost and Bohemian Miniatures.

There is no other solution. If I wish to reduce my Thirty Years War lead mountain I need to order more miniatures!

This is better. Being painted now is a unit of German arquebusiers for my Spanish army. Some Perry and Warlord Games figures from the lead (and plastic) mountain have been added to by newly purchased (and wonderful) Avanpost resin miniatures. In the background are unpainted pikemen (mostly 1898 miniatures).

The pikemen will be the basis of a new Spanish Tercio based on this painting of the Battle of Rocroi.

So, like Sisyphus, no matter how much painting I do, the lead mountain remains just as high as before!

Nov 3 2020 08:05PM by Ross Macfarlane

Big Lead Pile = Long Life Expectancy, is that not the rule of thumb? Think of it as act of self preservation in the Age of Covid.

Nov 8 2020 08:41AM by Tim O' Connor

Hi Simon
I agree with Ross , you know the old war gaming myth you cannot die until all of your figures are painted which means that all of us must live till 99 due to our existing lead and now plastic plastic piles .
Good luck and like the painting hope that you can match some of the figures.
good luck
PS hope that the current lock down goes well for you I think I know what you might be doing

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