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The Arch of Orange

By smacdowall, Apr 30 2015 04:17PM

More details of Romans - this time with Gauls as well. All from the Arch of Orange in France

Gallic trophies

The above photo shows the detail of the cavalryman's scale armout and plumed helmet, the legionary's mail armour and shield blazon. You can also see the wild boar on the Gallic shield at the top

The Roman cavalryman's shield is interesting. Normally we depict the crescent moons in mirror image but they are both facing upwards

This soldier has a shield blazon we normally associate with legionaries yet he is clearly unarmoured while his comrades are not. Interesting.

More Gallic weapons and armour along with plenty of shield patterns to copy.

Several of the Gallic shields have Lating inscriptions on them set in a sort of a scroll. Does anyone know what the interpretation of this might be?

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