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Scots Reinforcements

By smacdowall, Mar 10 2016 03:31PM

King Charles II’s army in Flanders has just been reinforced by a redoubtable regiment of Scots, raised and equipped by Ross Macfarlane — my oldest wargaming ally, opponent and friend. These are Ross’ own sculpts and castings with a charming ‘toy soldier’ feel to them.

After a long sea voyage (from Nova Scotia) they arrived in very good shape. I was not in anyway tempted to repaint them. Although Ross’ painting style is very different to mine, it matches the castings perfectly, accentuating the toy soldier look. I did, however, touch up the odd scratches and bruises and gave them new pikes.

I did think it appropriate to present them with new set colours to mark the start of their service with Charles Stuart in Flanders.

Mar 10 2016 05:00PM by Ross

An excellent new standard. May they cover it in glory.

Mar 10 2016 05:46PM by smacdowall

I am sure they will!

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