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Ready to take on the French

By smacdowall, Jun 22 2020 03:15PM

I have now finished painting the Black Prince’s contingent for Crécy.

Here is young Prince Edward of Woodstock with his men at arms. Front rank: the Black Prince (centre), Godfrey de Harcourt (to his right), the Earl of Stafford (to his left).

And the rear view: Sir Reynold Cobham (right) Sir Richard FitzSimons (standard bearer, centre) and a man at arms in the Prince’s livery.

To fight alongside the men at arms are some spearmen, led by Sir John Chandos (white shield with red pile), and Sir Bartholomew de Burghersh (red shield with yellow lion).

This is the full contingent arrayed for battle with archers in front. The miniatures are a mix of Perry, Front Rank, Essex and Wargames Foundry.

I have greatly enjoyed painting them and pleased with the way I have managed to blend the miniatures from different manufacturers. It has required a bit of surgery here and there with head, hand and bow swaps but I think it is worth it.

Next up with be a unit of Cheshire and Flintshire archers. Then I need to think about painting up some more French knights.

Jun 22 2020 04:39PM by Ross Macfarlane

Bloody typical! The rich and powerful get their names recorded while the rank and file are dismissed with a wave of the pen!

Mind you they do look 'The Thing', seems to me that mixing manufacturers in the way you have makes the group look more natural because of the slight variation in size and bulk etc..

Jun 24 2020 08:40AM by Tim O' Connor

HI Simon
really good mix of well painted figures and captures the look very well of a battle hardened groups of troops from the 100 years war and watch out Frenchmen, the English are coming !!!!!!
best wishes

Jun 24 2020 11:01AM by smacdowall

Thanks Tim

Jun 24 2020 11:02AM by smacdowall

Yes abolutely typical (although the archers did get their own post earlier!
Thanks for your comment on the mix. I tend to agree with you and am very happy the way they turned out.
Cheers, Simon

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