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Pharsalus Test Run

By smacdowall, Mar 23 2016 07:45PM

With the Society of Ancients Battle Day soon upon us Dave Allen and I decided it would be a good idea to give the game a test run.

So for the first time in many years I dusted off my very little Romans and 6mm rules.

I must say I enjoyed seeing the 6mm figures out on the table again. It reminded me of why I went for them in the first place. You can really get a sense of the whole battle unfolding and there are less distortions of scale that there are with lager miniatures

Pompey's battle line with his larger but lower quality legions and his cavalry massed on the left flank which vastly outnumbered Caesar's.

Caesar leads forward his legionaries, detaching the second line 10th legion to reinforce his cavarly on the right wing.

Pompey dirves off the light troops on Caesar's left with ease and brings his Spanish Auxiliaries in on the flank of Caesar's righthand legion. On the other flank Caesar's cavalry reinforced by several cohorts of legionaries hold their own against Pompey's larger numbers.

Caesar's XIth Legion breaks through the Pompeian line, driving off one of Pompey's Syrian legions.

A tough fight develops in the cnetre with the Caesarian Legions getting the best of it

But although they were doing well in the centre, the Caesarians could not hold the flanks. It took Pompey's personal intervention but eventually he drove off the Caesarian cavalry. Now, facing encirclement it was all over for Caesar. Pompey had scraped through to victory although it was a narrow one.

Caesar has his work cut out to win. We shall see how he does when I replay the game at Bletchley

Mar 24 2016 09:22AM by Simon Miller

Looking great, Simon!

Mar 24 2016 09:57AM by smacdowall


Mar 27 2016 11:15PM by Tim O' Connor

Hi Simon
You are right the 6 mm always gives the look of a real big battle and the thrill of commanding a wing or a centre that really does look like a wing or centre. Well another retirement project and hope that all goes well for the battle day.
best wishes

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