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Painting for Bosworth

By smacdowall, Dec 19 2019 07:19PM

With Malplaquet behind me I have been turning my attention to Bosworth (1485) — one of England’s most decisive battles. Bosworth will be the subject of the Society of Ancient’s Battle Day on 4 April 2020 so I have 3 months left to paint up the rest of the contingents I still need to field.

The most recent contingents off my paining table are the following:

King Richard III with his Knights of the Body leading the charge that would cost his life.

Henry Tudor on foot. I still need to do a mounted version.

Rys Ap Thomas’ Welsh for Henry Tudor’s army

Henry Tudor’s French and Scottish pikemen.

Henry Percy’s Northumberland men for King Richard's third line.

Lord Thomas Stanley’s contingent, for Henry's army, although they may have hedged their bets.

Dec 20 2019 12:55AM by Ross Macfarlane

Really nice work on the armour!

and everything else really.

Dec 20 2019 07:52AM by Tim O' Connor

great looking heraldry and banners, good luck with getting all of the units ready for the battle day next year
best wishes

Jan 1 2020 01:12PM by smacdowall

Thanks Ross. I really enjoy painting the armour. Usually a black stain over white undercoat then several layers of metalic drybrushing.
Happy New Year!

Jan 1 2020 01:12PM by smacdowall

Thanks Tim. Happy New Year

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