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Old Friends Rejuvenated

By smacdowall, Jun 3 2021 06:42PM

These Minifig 25mm late Roman cavalry are amongst my favourite ‘vintage’ miniatures but they were beginning to look a little tired. So I am giving them a new lease of life. The figures on the left of photo and behind have already been re-issued new clothing and armour. Those on the right are waiting for their turn. Bases also are being brought up to better standards.

A black wash followed by a bright metal dry brush on the armour and picking our highlights, seems to really bring them back to life. A similar treatment is applied to faces, clothing and horses (but with a raw umber rather than wash).

So here are the three rejuvenated units after being re-equipped. Shield patterns (right of photo to left) are: Brachiati, Cornuti and Prima Gallia.

These miniatures are still available from Caliver Books in the UK. The catalogue number is IRC 35 in the Minifig Imperial Roman range.

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