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By smacdowall, Mar 1 2016 09:43PM

I have always been a fan of light cavalry so a unit of Croats for my 17th Century French army will be a welcome addition. Although more frequently associated with the Imperialists, there were Croats in French service at Rocroi in 1643.

Whenever I think of the Croats, I am reminded of one of my early wargaming opponents many decades ago who always pronounced their name rhyming with 'goat' rather than 'cro-at'. This was long before anyone had heard of Croatia, which was at that time simply part of Yugoslavia.

There is no record of any Croats at the Dunes but in the chaos of La Fronde who knows if some may have been ravaging the countryside looking for loot and serving the highest bidder.

If nothing else they will be a colourful addition to my army and I have a skirmish game in mind where they will come in very handy.

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