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By smacdowall, Jul 19 2017 03:32PM

A 6mm unit of 6th century Roman horse archers completed I have started to paint up Belisarius' bucellarii. After fixing them to a painting rod I fist undercoat with spray matt white and then give a very thin wash of raw umber. This brings out the detail and makes it easy to paint the tiny men and horses. Then I give helmets and armour a black wash.

After dry brushing the armour with a bright metal colour, I do the horses in a series of washes. This makes the detail stand out even on such small miniatures.

My full 6mm painting method can be found in the painting section of my site here.

Jul 31 2017 12:29AM by Tim O' Connor

Hi Simon
great looking paint job and still thinking about going for the big leap into 6 mm and what is the scale that you are going to use with each stand representing what number of men for these battles with the Vandals ?
Please keep us posted on your progress and very interested in this period as you know
best wishes
Tim know

Aug 7 2017 06:53PM by smacdowall

I am going for a 1:50 scale so a stand of 3 cavalrymen would represent 150 actual men

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