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More Spanish Reinforcements

By smacdowall, Nov 8 2018 12:55PM

Following hard on the heals of the foot come a fine body of Spanish horse.

Whilst I could not find any evidence of Spanish foot at Malplaquet, there were several cavalry regiments serving with the French army in 1709. Most of them supplying only one or two squadrons each. This means that painting my new Spanish squadrons has not diverted my from the Malplaquet project

According to French Archives the following Regiments of horse were part of the Maréchal de Villars army: Ermont, Cano, Fresin, Acosta, Druhot, Gaetano, Lacatoire, Coralles and Flandre. Rios, Cecille, Flavacourt were serving with the Comte d'Artagnan. There were also seven squadrons of Dragoons from the regiments Acquaviva, Pignatelli, Melun and Pasteur.

I could find very little reliable information about uniforms. A fair number of Spanish horse wore grey-white coats with blue cuffs. I decided this would contrast nicely with the predominantly grey-white coats and red cuffs of the French Chevau-légers.

There is even less information available about flags. I made one up based on a fairly typical design from a few decades earlier. This has the Burgundian cross on one side and the virgin Mary surrounded by a sun burst on the other.

Once again the miniatures are all Minifigs 15mm from their Marlburian range.

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