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Marston Moor on a Grand Scale

By smacdowall, Mar 27 2017 05:33PM

To celebrate some significant birthdays for two of our group, several of us gathered together for a weekend of wargames, good food and good companionship.

The first game was the pivotal English Civil War battle at Marston Moor in 28mm. The miniatures were recruited from several of our collections and the rules used were my Close Fire and European Order (17th C version).

I commanded the Royalist Cavalry on the right wing and made rather a mess of it. Not realising that the Parliamentary Horse had learned a thing or two since our earlier encounters, I foolishly ordered one of my brigades to use pistols rather than swords. I did this because I was more afraid of getting tangled up in the enemy foot - as happened in a previous Edgehill game - than I was of the opposing horse. We gave a good fight and held our own for a turn or two but in the end the roundhead ironsides cut through our ranks and the Royal army’s right flank was turned.

We did better in the centre where our foot commander noticed a hinge in the enemy line between the English and Scots. Rather than hang back he advanced forward, concentrating force on the weak point of the enemy line. After a bit of back and fourth the Royalist foot broke through the centre, splitting the enemy army in two.

On our left flank another cavalry battle flowed back and forth with the parliamentarians winning initially only for the second line of Royalists to throw them back.

With three distinct sectors having three different outcomes the umpire declared a bloody draw as the parliamentarians had won their left, we had won in the centre and it was pretty well even odds on the other flank. We probably could have gone on for a few more turns but had this been an actual battle both commanders would have decided that a clear win was not possible.

Perhaps more importantly the pub beckoned.

Mar 27 2017 06:21PM by Simon Miller

Looks great! A period that I am also finding very interesting, just now. :-)

Mar 28 2017 12:37AM by Ross Macfarlane

This game had that "classic" big wargame look.

You do realize that its only our decimal system that makes the BD seem significant. Five dozens or three score sounds very in the middle ish, not even 1/2 way.

Mar 28 2017 10:52AM by Richard Speedman

It was a great game and (just possibly) an even better debrief in the pub! I'm glad to report that our conversations showed no sign of obsession or geekery...

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