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Lockdown painting spree

By smacdowall, Apr 21 2020 05:27PM

If its been good for anything, this virus has given me plenty of time to paint. I have now finished all the remaining contingents I need for Bosworth. A few pics follow:

These are King Richard's retainers. The billmen with the royal banner replacing one I did earlier for Richard as Duke of Gloucester.

Next up are French Halbardiers for Henry Tudor's army

The idea is for them to back up my previously painted pikemen in a Swiss trained mixed pike and halbard unit.

Below is a small contingent for Sir John Savage which held Tudor's right flank.

Savage's men were noted for wearing white hoods

And finally Gilbert Talbot's contingent for Tudor's left flank

Without a doubt this has been the most productive painting time I have ever had.

Apr 25 2020 02:30AM by Tim O' Connor

Hi Simon
I agree with you that the enforced lock down here in Australia has led to a significant increase in painting output. I have completed some 50 cavalry and 70 infantry for a couple of Ancient armies and the lock down here will continue till late May. Please accept my sympathies for the lost of life in the UK ,it is very sad the heavy loss of life especially amongst the elderly in aged care homes. I really hope that the vaccine started by Oxford university are successful.
Stay safe and well

Apr 27 2020 04:04PM by smacdowall

Thanks Tim

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