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Les Mousquetaires du roi

By smacdowall, Oct 18 2020 04:30PM

My mounted Muketeers for Louis XIV's army are now complete. Their dress is appropriate for the early years of his reign after he re-formed the unit in 1657 (just in time for the Dunes campaign). I agonised over whether to paint their boots and horse harness in black (as they would have been in the 1670s) or natural leather as they would have been in the 1640s before they were temporaily disbanded. Since I will use them for Rocroi (1643) I decided on the latter, even though their dress is not quite accurate for the 1640s.

I decided to mount them all on grey horses as les mousquetaires gris. In 1664 the Musketeers were reorgaanised into two companies, the first on grey horses, the second on black. As I will be fielding them in earlier campaigns I thought the grey horses best, also I like the combination of colours.

I am rather pleased with the flag which I painted based on an example in Standards and Uniforms of the French Cavalry under Louis XIV by Robert Hall, Giancarlo Boeri and Yves Roumegoux.

The miniatures are all from Northstar 1672 range. The designs on the cassocks are cast-on which makes painting them so much easier.

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