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Foreign Reinforcements for the Sun King

By smacdowall, Mar 9 2018 06:53PM

For an upcoming refight of the Battle of Oudenarde I intend to field half of the 175 battalions and 320 squadrons in 15mm. Each battalion will be 3-4 bases with 4 foot miniatures per base. A squadron will be represented by single base of two mounted figures.

I have most of the French but need a few more to bring up the numbers. I decided to take this opportunity to paint up a few more foreign battalions to reinforce King Louis XIV's armies of the early 1700s.

Regiment Royal Italien
Regiment Royal Italien

First up is the Royal Italien. Brown coats had been relatively common in the French army of the 1600s but by 1708 they had been replaced by the more familiar white-grey. This regiment, recruited from Italy, kept their brown coats with red facings throughout the war or Spanish Succession. At Oudenarde they fought in the first line brigaded with 4 French battalions.

Regiment de la Marck
Regiment de la Marck

The German Regiment de la Marck is next. The Comte de la March (Graf von der Mark) commanded a French brigade at Oudenarde including two battalions of his regiment. Like all German regiments serving in the French army, de la Marck wore blue coats, most probably a relatively light shade. In their case with yellow cuffs.

Regiment Dorrington
Regiment Dorrington

Finally we have the Irish Regiment Dorrington. As far as I can tell, Regiment Dorrington did not fight at Oudenarde although some Irish did. I already had a brigade of 3 battalions of Irish and wanted to bring it up to 4 battalions. As Dorrington (later Roth) fought in many engagements of the war I decided to include them. All Irish regiments wore red coats. Dorrington had blue cuffs and waistcoats and their flag was a very English-looking St George's cross.

Mar 10 2018 08:02AM by steve the wargamer

Like those... Royal Italienne are my favourite regiment purely because they look so different.. Minifigs as well, my favourite manufacturer for infantry for my WSS project as well...

Mar 10 2018 07:55PM by smacdowall

I do like the Royal Italien but holded off painting them until I had a sufficient number of ordinary white coated Frence regiments done. I really do think the Minifigs are hard to beat and they have them most extensive range for WSS in 15mm.

Mar 10 2018 08:03PM by Ross Macfarlane

Looking good as always,

That is going to be one heck of a game!

Mar 10 2018 08:09PM by smacdowall

I am looking forward to it. Just finishing off a Danish cavalry brigade for the Maritime Powers then I need a few more French. The game is scheduled for May 17 so should have plenty of time to muster all the troops.

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