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By smacdowall, Oct 24 2016 11:23AM

I had so much fun painting up my 15mm villagers (see previous blog post - Good Scenics) that I decided to put away the 28mm figures for a while and try my hand once again with smaller miniatures.

The success of the 6mm Pharsaullus game at the Society of Ancients Battle Day inspired a couple of us to look at a 6mil version of Comitatus rules and test them out with loads of Huns. After all the smaller scale is perfect for wide ranging cavalry actions with hordes of troops.

It has been a while since I have painted 6 mil figures and I was not sure if the old eyes were still up to it. With good lighting and good glasses it all went very well. The first miniatures (Huns above) were quickly knocked out in half a day. More are primed up and ready to go.

I had forgotten just how simple and quick painting the smaller miniatures can be. I am looking forward to doing more. My method for painting 6mm figures is different from the accepted norm. I prefer a white undercoat as I believe the smaller miniatures require lighter brighter colours to stand out on the table. Conventional wisdom says 6mil calls for a black undercoat but I find this dulls them down far too much. My 6 mil painting method is detailed in the 'Painting Tips' sectopn of my website here.

Oct 24 2016 05:54PM by barry carter

Small is beautiful! Keep up the good work.

Oct 27 2016 09:24AM by smacdowall


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