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Croat Standards

By smacdowall, Mar 5 2016 05:03PM

I could not find any references as to what kind of standards might have been carried by Croats in French service. I decided, therefore, to adapt Imperialist designs, many examples of which are in the Swedish Army museum, Stockholm.

This pennon shape is typical for Imperialist Croats as is a scattering of flames on the ground. I have assumed that those working for the French would not have been any different. Also typical was the Imperial crown and Emperor Ferdinand’s initial on one side with some kind of image on the reverse — in this case (from the Osprey Imperial Cavalry of the 30 Years’ War) St George slaying the dragon.

So I decided to keep the shape and flames, replace The Emperor Ferdinand’s initial with King Louis’, and use a Madonna and child on the reverse. I first composed it on the computer (as above) then printed it off and then painted it (as below)

Once dry, I glue the two halved together around the staff with white glue, rolling it into shape around round cocktail sticks while it is still flexible. When it dries, the folds will harden into place.

I am rather pleased with the final result and look forward to seeing this colourful unit in action.

Mar 6 2016 12:11AM by Ross Macfarlane

They are a fine looking mob indeed. Well done! Of course I've always had a soft spot for Cro-ats, Tartars and the like.

Mar 6 2016 09:52AM by smacdowall

Thanks Ross!

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