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Cheshire and Flintshire archers

By smacdowall, Jul 5 2020 09:37AM

In their famous green and white livery, these archers round out the Black Prince's contingent. The figures are a mix of Perry, Front Rank and Crusader miniatures. Some of the larger Front Rank bows and hands have been swapped for the better proportioned Perry.

I have a few more English to paint (the Earls of Oxford and Warwick's contingents) but will pause for a bit as I now need to concentrate on painting up a few more French knights.

Jul 19 2020 09:19PM by Tim O' Connor

A great looking unit Simon and very tough looking as well . I am sure that they will give a good account of themselves on the table top. Stay safe safe and indoors
best wishes

Jul 23 2020 02:52PM by smacdowall

I'm sure they will!

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