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Catalaunian Fields

By smacdowall, Jan 30 2016 08:00AM

There is a very nice review of my book in the latest Ancient Warfare magazine.

I still have a few signed copies left which can be ordered through the shop on my website.

Jan 31 2016 08:21PM by Tim O'Connor

HI simon
a good review and it validates all the hard work that you have put in this book and I certainly agree with all of his comments and I found it a great book and excellent wargaming resource.
Best wishes

Feb 2 2016 03:05PM by smacdowall


Feb 19 2016 01:45PM by Ernie FOSKER

Simon, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I think you've finally nailed the location of the battle - highly recommended.

Feb 24 2016 05:31PM by smacdowall

Thanks Ernie!

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