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Campus Mauriacus

By smacdowall, Oct 3 2013 04:23PM

Last week I headed off to Champagne in search of the battlefield of the Campus Mauriacus where Aetius defeated Attila back in AD451. Tough work I know but it had to be done. I needed to settle on the loaction of the battle for the Campaign Book I am doing for Osprey.

I based myself in Troyes which is a lovely medieval town. It turned out to be the best choice as Chalons did not have much to offer. Furthermore I am now convinced that the battle took place just outside Troyes to the East.

The Campus Mauriacus - the plains around Troyes. It is not hard to see why Attila thought this a good place for his horse archers to fight a battle

The ridge of Montgueux. This is what I believe to be the ridge taken be Thorismund at the start of the battle. The area at the foot of the ridge is know as l'Enfer (hell) locally.

The view from the top of the ridge looking east towards the Seine, marked by the treeline.

The 5th C treasure of Pouan now in the Troyes Museum (Musée de St Loup). Found a short distance to the north of the battlefield some have though the grave may have been that of Theodoric.

Oct 3 2013 05:18PM by Simon

I've stayed in Troyes, thought it ws a nice place for an over-night, or maybe even a couple of days. As you say, great cavalry country!

Oct 4 2013 11:54PM by Fireymonkeyboy

I always forget just how far the huns got.

FMB / www.themonkeythatwalks.blogspot.com

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