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Black and smoky sort of Flemish gunners

By smacdowall, Mar 10 2020 01:19PM

Continuing my preparations for Bosworth I have recently turned my attention to fire arms.

First off are some Burgundian hand gunners for Richard's army. They probably would have come from Burgundy's Flanders possessions. These are all Perry Miniatures from their European Mercenaries pack with some additional metal heads from their European Wars range.

And some more artillery as quite a few guns were used at Bosworth. Again these are Perry Miniatures.


Mar 11 2020 02:49AM by Tim O' Connor

Hi Simon
As always they look exceptional and I do like your signature trade mark of making every figure where possible look different with head swaps. I know that you will get a lot enjoyment from these figures when you play Bosworth and other War of the Roses games.
Best wishes

Mar 14 2020 11:21AM by Simon Miller

Very nice work, Simon!

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