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By smacdowall, Sep 6 2015 09:36PM

So my newly painted Napoleon (see My First Napoleonics) saw action at Austerlitz on Saturday.

Well actually it was in a shed in the depths of the Suffolk countryside.

Here is an overview of the initial deployment from the southern side of the table as the massed columns of Austrians and Russians cross the Pratzeberg heights

Wave after wave of the enemy came against Marshal Soult's thinly spread defenders

They came on through the cold morning mist

The stalwart French defenders of Telnitz and Sokolnitz could barely see the attackers through the mist until they were within musket range.

Despite being, hugely outnumbered Soult's men beat back attack after attack. Although they lost Telnitz on the far right flank they managed to hold the line while St Hillaire's Division pushed forward to exploit a gap in the enemy line.

Here St Hillare's men bypass the village of Pratze and turn towards the south to split the enemy army in half.

There was a brief wobbly moment when the massed Russian reserves suddenly arrived in our centre where we were weakest. I told Marshal Lannes to hold the line and ordered up the Heavy Cavalry reserve and General Oudinot's Infantry Division to plug the gap. Fortuitously at that moment Marshal Davout arrived with his III Corps after a long forced march. He was well placed to follow up St Hillaire's success in the centre and follow through to cut the enemy army in half.

No game can be truly statisfying without a few good cavalry charges and we had quite a few. Here the French cavalry on the right of the photo charge the Russian reserve cavalry and throw them back.

By 11am we were counterattacking, with Davout driving a wedge through the middle of the enemy while Soult just managed to hold on long enough in the south and Lannes blocked the advance of the Russian reserves in the north. It was another glorious French victory!

Sep 7 2015 08:38PM by Tim O' Connor

Simon what a totally awe inspiring game wish I was there , it looks like everyone had a great time. the figures and terrian are excellent and thanks for sharing .
Best wishes

Sep 7 2015 08:05PM by smacdowall

It was indeed a great game

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