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A Spanish Tercio Viejo

By smacdowall, Jul 26 2015 12:52PM

This Spanish Tercio has been on the painting table for quite some time. Now that I have finished my manuscript on the Vandals I can finally return to some painting and have finally finished them. The figures are a mix of Warlord Games (plastic and metal), Perrys' and The Assault Group. I have dliberately painted these men up in richer more colourful clothing than my French rebels. As an Old Tercio with a reputation to uphold the men would have gone out of their way to dress well. I have also given most of the pikemen armour on the same logic although there are a couple of unarmoured picas secas in the rear ranks.

A close up of the pike block. I would normally avoid pikemen with leveled weapons for practical reasons on the games table -- but they are such lovely figures!

I particularly like this pikeman in a hat. I don't know why but he does seem to have a particularly Spanish look to my eye. His is from the Warlord Games "Armoured Pikemen' set.

This musketeer, wearing a casaca with split slevers is from the Warlord Games 'Veteran Musketeer' pack. His patched breaches will no doubt be replaced when he next sacks an enemy town.

This pikeman, also from the Warlord Games 'Armoured Pikemen' set, is another figure I particularly like. he too seems to have a Spanish air to him - probably due to the helmet.

A close-up of the officer who came from the Warlord Games 'Imperialist Infantry' set. Although I have kept the flags on separate bases to the rear for my smaller French units. I felt that with the lager Spanish Terico the flag looked better in the centre of the 16 pike figures.

Jul 27 2015 07:55PM by Tim O' Connor

HI simon
great looking figures really like the veteran pikeman and it just make me want to and fight the french and those damm Dutch !!!!
best wishes

Jul 27 2015 09:31PM by smacdowall

Thanks Tim -- working on some French now

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