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A Late Roman photo shoot

By smacdowall, Aug 7 2020 05:29PM

It has been years since my 28 mil Later Imperial Romans came out to play (I also have them in 15 and 6 mil!).

They came out a couple of days ago for an unusual reason. That was a request for some photos to illustrate a Roman civil war article for Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy magazine.

And here they are:

The figures are a mix of Wargames Foundry, Essex, Minifigs, Hinchliffe and a few others. Many or most have been through a few conversions.

I think it is about time they came out to play once again!

Aug 7 2020 08:27PM by Michael Peck

Fantastic Late Roman army, look forward to the WSS article!

Aug 8 2020 08:05AM by smacdowall

Thanks Michael.

Aug 8 2020 08:54AM by Tim O' Connor

Simon they may be old but still a magnificent looking army and I really like the Romans in shield wall formation they are just awesome. When does the article come out in WSS ?
best wishes

Aug 8 2020 11:57AM by Ross Macfarlane

My least favourite era of wargame figure sculpting fashion but the painting rescues them!

Aug 8 2020 01:21PM by Christopher TenWolde

Beautiful collection! Makes me want to break out Comitatus (which we will do when my rebasing project is finally complete ...)

Aug 8 2020 02:49PM by smacdowall

Hi Tim. Not sure when the article comes out but it should be soon. Milvian Bridge, by a differe4nt author but some of the pics mine.

Aug 8 2020 02:50PM by smacdowall


Aug 8 2020 02:51PM by smacdowall

Thanks Ross, I like the Wargames Foundry figures but do have issues with Essex. Actually some of the old Minifigs are not that bad. Some are ones I ingerited from you!

Aug 9 2020 05:52AM by Carlo

Brilliant looking figures and table Simon. I love the Late Roman army and its overall look.

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