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The Battle for Oberglauheim

This scenario represents the action on the Allied right wing at the Battle of Blenheim, 13 August 1704. The French and Bavarians are deployed on the high ground between the towns of Oberglauheim and Lutzingen. The Allied main attack is off-table to the West but they need to capture Oberglauheim to prevent the French impeding their attack in the centre. They also need to tie down the French so they cannot release troops to reinforce the centre.

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In order to make the game manageable on a 6 x 4 table using 15mm figures for my Close Fire and European Order (CFEO) rules, I halved the total number of Battalions and Squadrons present in the actual battle. Then I scaled them down so that 1 foot stand = approximately 300 men and 1 mounted stand = a 'squadron' of approximately 200 men. The allied foot have an additional 1/2 stand per battalion to represent the greater effect of platoon fire in CFEO. I have tried to keep descriptions generic enough that the scenario can be used for any rules.


du Bourg






von Wolframsdorff

von Weickel


von Wurtemberg-Teck

von Hanover




River Nebel


French Order of Battle


42 Foot, 34 Horse, 4 Batteries. Commander Prince Maximillian II Emmanuel Wittelsbach, Elector of Bavaria and Marshal Ferdinand, Comte de Marsin. All Commanders have 3 command points each.


Marquis de Blainville's Division in  2 Brigades. All B Grade.

Blingy's Brigade: 4 Bns French Foot (12 stands)

Clare's Brigade: 3 Bns Irish Foot (9 stands)

2 Batteries


Comte d'Arco's Division in 6 Brigades. All B Grade except Hussars which are C Grade.

Magnac's Brigade: 6 Sqns French Horse

de'Legall's Brigade: 7 Sqns French Horse

von Weickel's Brigade: 7 Sqns Bavarian Horse and Hussars

von Wolframsdorff's Brigade: 7 Sqns Bavarian Horse

Mafei's Brigade: 3 Bns Bavarian Foot (9 stands)

Rosel's Brigade: 4 Bns French Foot (12 stands)

2 Batteries


Marquis du Bourg's Division in 2 Brigades. All B Grade.

de Lorraine's Brigade: 4 Sqns French Horse

d'Anlezy's Brigade: 4 Sqns French Horse

Allied Order of Battle


49.5 foot 32 horse, 4 batteries + possible reinforcements of 9 foot & 2 dragoons. Commander Field Marshal Prince François Eugene von Savoy-Carignan. Eugene and Marlborough have 5 command points each, all other commanders have 3.


Right Wing (no overall division commander)

Anhalt-Dessau'sBrigade: 3 Bns Prussian Foot, B Grade (13.5 stands)

Scholten's Brigade: 1 Bn Danish Guards,  A Grade (4.5 stands) + 3 Bns Danish Foot, B          Grade (13.5 stands)

1 Battery with each Brigade.


Prince Maximillian von Hanover's 1st Line Division in 2 Brigades. All B Grade

Prince of Durlach's Brigade: 8 Sqns Austrian, Hanoverian, Wurtemburg Horse & Dragoons

Natzmer's Brigade: 6 Sqns Prussian Horse


Herzog von Wurtemberg-Teck 2nd Line Division in 3 Brigades. All B Grade

Caraffa's Brigade: 6 Sqns German Horse and Dragoons

Cussani's Brigade: 8 Sqns Imperial and German Horse and Dragoons

Fugger's Brigade: 4 Sqns Imperial Cuirassiers.


In order to reinforce the attack on Oberglauheim, Fugger's Imperial Cuirassiers have been detached to support Horn's Division.


Under command of Lt Gen Charles Churchill (not on table)


Lt Gen Horn's Foot Division 1 Bn A Grade the remainder B Grade

Holstein-Beck's Brigade: 2 Bns Dutch Foot (9 stands)

Pallandt's Brigade: 2 Bns Dutch Foot (9 stands)

2 Batteries


Reinforcements from the centre (arrive on the road from Weilheim on a D6 roll of 5-6 on turn 1, +1 each turn thereafter). Once these are committed, Marlborough himself may come onto the table to command them.

up to 2 Bns Hulson's Hanoverian Brigade, B Grade (each 4.5 stands)

up to 2 Sqns Auroch's Dutch Dragoons, B Grade



Terrain is laid out on a 6 x 4 table as per the map above. Dark green is forest, light blue-grey is low lying boggy ground, pink is towns and villages, grey is roads, blue is rivers and streams, and mid green is open ground sloping up from the marshland. The rivers and streams are all fordable they, and the boggy ground, count as 'rough terrain' causing a Disorder Point on a move roll of '5' as well as '6' for all troops. Mounted troops may not enter the forests.

Troops are deployed as shown on the map. There is some flexibility in how units can be deployed as long as they are in the same general area. For example the battalions defending Oberglauheim may be set up anywhere in or around the town. The potential allied reinforcements enter on the road from Weilheim.

The side with the most Victory Points (VPs) wins. If they have more than 2 VPs higher it is a decisive victory. In order to have 'captured' a town the allies need to have driven all enemy from it and have at least 1 Battalion in in the town.

Victory Conditions


Capture Oberglauheim 4 VPs

Capture Lutzingen 1 VP

less casualties than the French 2 VPs

Marlborough comes on table -1VP


less casualties than the Allies 1 VP

du Bourg's Division not committed 2 VPs

Every 3 stands withdrawn to reinforce the centre (moving off table) 1 VP

The Irish and French Brigades defending the town of Oberglauheim

15mm Minifigs figures.

blen 3 mid res The Game in Action