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The Oberglauheim Game

An overview of the two armies as the Allies begin their advance. Cotton wool in front of the guns indicate those that have fired.

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Above: The French and Bavarian defenders of Lutzingen prepare to meet the Danes and Prusians.


Below: the Danish Brigade crossing the Nebelbach as they advance on the village.

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The Cavalry Battle in the Centre.

Left:  Prince Maximillian von Hanover's division in contact with Magnac's French Horse. The initial clash was inconclusive and the Allies rode through. The French and Bavarians then suffered heavily on meeting the von Wurtemberg-Teck's second line and were thrown back in disorder. The photo below shows the situation as the Franco-Bavarian first line is retreating back on their supports. The Allies pursued but failed to catch them and as a result the retreat did not immediately turn into a rout. However von Hanover's division, which had ridden through both Franco-Bavarian lines, turned around and came back to settle the issue and Comte d'Arco's cavalry were roundly defeated.

The rocks mark death, disorder and desertion points (DPs), the more the unit is carrying the worse state it is in.

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The Action at Lutzingen

On the allied right the Prussians advanced quickly but their first line was thrown back after suffering a withering fire from the defenders of the village. The photo on the left shows the situation as the lead Prussian Battalions have retired while the Danes are still advancing.

Below: The Danes come into close fire range with the Bavarians. They were unable to make any headway and the French and Bavarians held onto the village.

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The Action at Oberglauheim

Eugene sent Fugger's cuirassiers around the east of the village (allied left), supported by Auroch's Dutch Dragoons. This forced the French to commit du Bourg's division to block them. Horn's Dutch division advanced on the eastern edge of the town, leaving the centre open for the Hanoverian reinforcements. Marlborough himself came on table to lead them.  


The allies fared better here than they did at Lutzingen but still they were unable to take the town. The battle ended with the Franco-Bavarian cavalry destroyed but their infantry holding the two isolated bastions of Oberglauheim and Lutzingen.


The Franco-Bavarians suffered more casualties, committed du Bourg's division and were unable to pull any troops out of the line. In totalling up victory points the Allies ended up with 1 and the Franco-Bavarians 0 - a marginal victory for the allies.

Close-ups  of the Dutch as they come into close fire range of the town's defenders.

The Hanoverians (red coats foreground) advancing on Oberglauheim's Irish defenders (also in red coats) The Dutch meanwhile are engaging the French and Irish on the edge of the town.

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